Dynamic Discs Enforcer Review


Dynamic Discs Enforcer

Up until now in the line of distance drivers from Dynamic Discs, there was one small void. The Dynamic Discs Trespass was previously the most stable option if you wanted to stick to drivers from Dynamic Discs. All that has changed with the release of the Dynamic Discs Enforcer. If you thought the Trespass wasn’t stable enough and wanted something that was without a doubt overstable, the Enforcer is the trick. Simply put, if you throw the Enforcer and don’t find it to be overstable, then you’re doing something wrong.

Dynamic Discs sent us an Enforcer to review and after our tests it is safe to say it is one of the most stable drivers we’ve thrown. Right from the start we should say that the Enforcer will likely appeal to golfers with very strong arms. If you have only 300-325 foot power, the Enforcer might just be too much disc for you. Heck, even those who can reach 350-375 feet with their distance drivers might find the Enforcer to be a little too stable for their liking.

The speed of the Enforcer is equal to the Trespass. Even those who tested it who don’t like very wide rims found the rim to be quite comfortable and not overwhelming. Sometimes the speed can turn people off of a disc, but in the case of the Enforcer, that likely won’t be the case. The Enforcer’s flight does remind us of the Latitude 64 Stiletto, but the feel in the hand is quite different. The Enforcer’s rim is 2mm smaller than the Stiletto’s and along with the shape of the disc, it makes a big difference.

One of the first things you’ll notice about the Enforcer is just how stable it is at high speeds. Dynamic Discs gives it a positive 0.5 rating for turn and after our tests, that seems pretty accurate. While some discs with a 0 rating for turn will even flip up a little bit when thrown with a slight hyzer angle, the Enforcer is not one of those discs. Whatever angle you release the Enforcer on will be the angle it flies on. If you didn’t want to give it hyzer and you dropped that edge just a little bit, then good luck. If thrown flat, it will remain flat. If thrown with a little anhyzer, it will quickly break out of it. If you expected turn, look elsewhere.

Now, because of how stable it is at high speeds, the Enforcer can handle just about any headwind you’ll find. For those who play in the midwest, Texas, and other windy areas, the Enforcer could come in handy. The stability also allows you to really crank into one and let it fly. The Enforcer will be able to handle just the strongest arms out there and do it with ease.

As the Enforcer heads down the fairway and begins to slow down you will notice the fade kick in. Discs with a fade rating around 2-3 tend to have a smooth transition into the fade. The Enforcer’s fade on the other hand will really hit hard. When the speed reaches a certain point all the disc wants to do is head left and it wants to get there as quickly as possible. The slower arms in our group actually noticed the fade almost had too levels it was so hard. It would star to track to the left and then knife in hard. If you’re ever worried about the Enforcer fading out on you or producing a big skip, don’t be. It will happen.

Dynamic Discs EnforcerDynamic Discs rates the Enforcer at 12, 4, 0.5, 4. After our tests, we’d agree with those numbers, but say that slower arms will likely see it fly even more overstable than that.

The flight chart from inbounds Disc Golf shows this stable flight path we were describing. The distance on the flight chart is reflective of a much stronger thrower, but the stability is very accurate.

Like we said before, if you were wanting a distance driver that had a similar feel to the Trespass, but with a more overstable flight, the Enforcer is the key. Disc golfers with throwing power that can exceed 375 feet will likely find more appeal in the Enforcer than those who can’t quite throw that far. It not only requires some power to throw far, it can handle it as well.

While some discs can have a stronger fade, and some are faster, it will be hard to find a disc on the market with this combination of speed, resistance to turn, and willingness to fade at the end of a flight.



  1. Heather Oberley on

    I live in Northern MN on the Iron Range and my home course “Historic North Hibbing” I set right next to the Hull Rust Mines. We have major wind and it sounds like this disc may be exactly what I need! I can’t wait to get my hands on one and try it out up here.

  2. Ed Horst on

    Enforcer,just might be the level I’m looking for to up my game to the next level of play.A win win situation..

  3. Clay Taylor on

    I will enforce the birdies on the basket an then finish the birdies(trail) with my judge!

  4. Colin Beez on

    I’m in that group that hits 350+ and find this thing a wee bit too stable for a main driver. I love the trespass as a flippy destroyer and thought this would be a good compliment (and it probably is). Playing in Iowa we get plenty of wind so she’ll get plenty of use still.

    Big fan of DD’s plastic. Cant wait until they release one between their two 12 speeds.