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Dynamic Discs

The growth for Dynamic Discs has finally pushed them to the need for more space. Dynamic Discs has purchased 10,000 square feet of warehouse space to help the expansion of the company in Emporia, Kansas.

In a press release, Dynamic Discs states the added space will help with the increase in sales volume, but also allow for new products and a new distribution channel for disc golf products in the United States. Some of the new products include new Dynamic Discs disc golf bags, disc golf and skate shoes, and apparel.

We talked with Dynamic Discs founder Jeremy Rusco to learn more about the expansion and the new products.

All Things Disc Golf: Last year we talked about the new agreement with Latitude 64. Today, we’re talking about 10,000 new square feet of warehouse space. Could you have ever imagined needing so much space just one year later?

Jeremy Rusco: We knew that we were going to need more space eventually, but not at the rate that it actually happened. In fact, in July we started renting some office space across the street to store additional inventory and run the DyeMax operation out of. We ended up signing a year lease in August because we thought that would be sufficient. Once the distribution agreement went through with Latitude 64, we had completely moved out across the street at the start of November. It is hard to believe just how quickly some things come together.

All Things Disc Golf: What will the new warehouse allow you and Dynamic Discs to do?

Jeremy Rusco: The new warehouse is set up for our wholesale and distribution section of the business. Dynamic Distribution is actually a completely different business entity, but it is under the Dynamic Discs umbrella. The warehouse space has allowed us to streamline the wholesale process and get almost all orders out the door in the same day that they were received. We have also expanded our wholesale product line and will continue to bring in more inventory to suit the needs of our retail customers.

The other important aspect of what the warehouse and distribution agreement has allowed for is shipping from Latitude 64 in Sweden by ocean container. The freight expenses to have everything sent FedEx air over from Sweden was just getting to be too much and a better solution was needed to be put in place. While shipping by container takes longer in transit, it drives the shipping costs down significantly per disc.

In addition to this, the warehouse has allowed our retail space in downtown Emporia to increase in size and offer more products both to the walk in traffic and the online store. We stock all of the major disc golf brands in our store and encourage you to come check it out if you are ever in the area.

Dynamic Discs Disc Golf Shoe

Dynamic Discs Disc Golf Shoe

All Things Disc Golf: You’re also announcing a new line of shoes in 2014. You’re releasing both a disc golf shoe and skate shoe. Give us the details! When should they be released? Price?

Jeremy Rusco: This is still a work in progress, but things are progressing in a good way. We don’t have a firm date yet as the shoes that are pictured are still simply just prototype samples. We have been testing them heavily and know that improvements are needed to offer a quality shoe at an affordable price. The skate shoes are something that we feel are not only stylish, but also functional for a lot of disc golfers who are playing on a dry or sandy course. We anticipate a retail price point to be $49.99 for these.

Dynamic Discs Skate Shoe

Dynamic Discs Skate Shoe

The disc golf shoes are much more difficult. The bottom line is that all shoes are going to wear out and disc golfers need to understand this. Some will wear out faster than others, but there is almost nothing that can be done to make the perfect disc golf shoe. Our goal is to provide a quality shoe at an affordable price that is suitable for disc golfers. The target price point is anticipated to be somewhere around $59.99.

We plan to offer both shoes for wholesale distribution and hope that many of the retail outlets will be able to offer at least a minimal selection. I believe that it is important for disc golf product to be worn on a much more regular basis to help get the sport the national exposure that we all want it to have. The purchase of any disc golf apparel that promotes the sport in a positive and professional way is something that we all need to put more emphasis and focus on. Every day that you have the opportunity to wear something disc golf, you should do so! The Dynamic shoe line will hopefully only bring more attention to the sport and allow for new opportunities to be created.

All Things Disc Golf: You’re also adding a line of shorts to your apparel line. What should disc golfers expect with the shorts? Price?

Jeremy Rusco: I wouldn’t necessarily say that shorts are anything to get too excited about, but we do believe that the shorts that we will be producing will be very stylish, popular, and comfortable. I see myself wearing them several times a week when the weather permits and not just to disc golf in. The price point should be very reasonable at $24.99 and the initial order will be available in black, gray, and tan. They will feature Dynamic embroidery, a mini pocket on the leg, and a stretchy material that allows for flexibility, comfort, and cooling.

Dynamic Discs Bags

All Things Disc Golf: Along with the line of discs, you released a line of disc golf bags in 2014. Are new bags on their way?

Jeremy Rusco: The bags have been very well received, probably better than we expected, which has allowed us to offer more variety at a faster rate than we had planned. The Ranger backpack bag has been the most popular bag for us and it does not come with surprise. The bag is very functional and at a very competitive price backed by a lifetime warranty. In 2014, you can expect to see even more color offerings in the Ranger and at the same price as they have been offered at from day one.

In addition to new Ranger colors, we will be releasing two new bags that we are very excited about! The Cadet starter bag and the Solider deluxe bag. Both bags will be available in the fracture series in five different colors! I believe that they are going to be the best looking bags in their category on the market. The Cadet will retail for just $14.99 and the Solider will retail between $44.99-$49.99. These are expected to be available this March.

All Things Disc Golf: A big expansion like this can’t be done without support from the local community. How valuable is the relationship with Emporia?

Jeremy Rusco: We have a very special relationship with the local community that supports us and disc golf so much! Emporia is now becoming known for community sporting events like the Dirty Kanza bike race and the disc golf events. Our relationship with the community is so important because we feed off each other in so many different aspects. We are responsible for bringing disc golfers to town through events like the Glass Blown Open and Amateur World Championships and the community is responsible for providing us with so many great media outlets, community events, volunteers, and community awareness for the sport.

Our involvement with the community was not always there and it took years to develop. Without the community support and backing, it would be difficult to imagine where we would be on the business front and also where our disc golf events would be. Our next community event is a ribbon cutting at Dynamic Distribution on January 16th to celebrate the opening of a new business in town (Dynamic Distribution).

All Things Disc Golf: Anything else you want to cover?

Jeremy Rusco: That probably covers just about everything for this article. If there was one more thing to mention it would be the staff that I am blessed to have at Dynamic Discs. I really do believe that we have the most dedicated and passionate staff who cares about growing the sport and growing the Dynamic Discs brand. The average age of everyone that works at DD is 28 and I think there are a lot of positives that come with having a young and energetic team that takes pride in everything that they do.

Thank you to Rusco for taking some time to talk about the expansion and shine a light on some of their future plans. As always, stay tuned to All Things Disc Golf for the latest as more information is released!



  1. First off, excited to see the shoe announcements. Pass this message along, full toe protection on the shoes are a must. Toe drag is the main killer for all my disc shoes. Otherwise they look great. Can’t wait to see the finished product.

  2. Really stoked to hear about the Soldier bag. When can we expect some info to drop on these? Two water bottle holders? Compartments inside the big side pockets? disc capacity? etc.
    I’ve had my Ranger for 6 months now, absolutely love it….. Keep up the great work DD!

  3. Morten K on

    Nice interview!

    I am guessing it should be Soldier bag? In which case there is a few typos in that paragraph that you might want to correct.

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