DUDE from Down Under


Disc golf is evolving. In the past few years, the sport has witnessed some amazing developments in disc design, tournament structure, bags, websites, tournament coverage, and even video games. Now, a man with a team from the far west coast of Australia, has decided that the time has come to change what you wear on the course. And possibly, what you’ll wear off the course.

Until now, most disc golf clothing has been nothing more than repurposed sporting apparel from other sports, which has been stamped with disc golf logos. But how do you reinvent the shirt? How do you reinvent shorts? What can you do to make them “disc golf?”

DUDE Caddy Short with towel attachement

DUDE Caddy Short with towel attachement

Down Under Disc Evolution, better known as DUDE, will be the first company with a line of clothes specifically designed for the disc golfer. Chris Finn, the visionary Aussie behind DUDE says that the initial line will make it’s premier at the Aussie Open in late January and plans to release further apparel by the end of 2015. You can pre-order some of the items now at their website, but they will be ready for delivery after the release at the Aussie Open.

“We have been working with a company who has been developing sports apparel for decades and they were very helpful in getting DUDE off the ground. They believe in what we’re doing. The line is very much state of the art in it’s concepts and designs. We agonized over every detail to make sure we got it right,” said Finn in an interview from his office in Perth, Australia.

“We want the line to transcend the disc golf course and be something that people would want to wear off the course. We don’t want this to be something that only Pros would wear; we want our line to be for the every day player. The guy or gal who plays five or six days a week.”

Finn said they will be doing an online promotion on Facebook giving away a few pieces from the collection. You will need to Like the DUDE Facebook page to enter into the drawing.


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