Discmania introduces new TD2 Fever Driver


Discmania introduced the TD2 Fever Turning Driver earlier today. This understable driver is a brand new mold from Discmania. 

It has quite the high speed turn (-4) for a high speed disc. This will be favorable to golfers with a slower arm speed. Expect the Fever to fly relatively straight for slower arms. 

For golfers with more power on their throws, this will have plenty of turn to the right and could easily turn into a roller.

What Discmania says:

The TD – Rush, well known as one of the most versatile drivers in the game, gets reinvented in the form of TD2. This driver is best suited for anyone seeking to get more distance with less effort. The Fever is by far the most understable disc in the Discmania line-up with it’s high speed turn value of -4. Packed with a great glide, this disc is easy to throw far with a little effort. Awesome for rollers and long turning shots for intermediate to pro players. Available in very durable and grippy S-line plastic in weights ranging from 165 to 175 grams.

Currently, the Fever is only available in their S-Line (Star) plastic. It is scheduled to hit stores on September 10th.


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