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The day of a beaded putter by Discmania has finally arrived. After releasing the P1, P2, and P3 without a bead, the cries for a beaded option have been answered. The Discmania P1x is a low profile putter with a very comfortable feel and one straight flight.

Discmania gave us an early preview of the D-Line P1x and we’ve been using it on the course for the last few weeks and we walked away quite impressed with the results. Here’s what Discmania says about their new release:

Because of the high demand for beaded putter from Discmania, the P1x was born. This putter was created purely with player feel in mind. That thought put together with high amounts of test repetition uncovered a very ergonomic design. Its convex lower wing and the classic P1 top gives this disc a very comfortable feeling in the hand, it just feels like it belongs there. The X-Factor of the P1x is its medium sized bead along the bottom rim of the disc. This bead just fits in the hand much better than the very apparent bigger bead on most other beaded putters. Find your X-Factor and start nailing your putts with the P1x!

In our review of the Discmania P1, we noted how it had a very straight flight. It would remain very stable initially and then settle into a very moderate fade. The similarities in the flight of the P1 and P1x are uncanny. We can go as far as saying that if you wanted the flight of the P1, but wish it had a bead, then the P1x is exactly what you’re looking for. It has the same top as the P1, but a new bottom wing, yet it still flies nearly the same.

We started our tests of the P1 in the field and off the tee and really found that just like the P1, the P1x would fly on the line you released it on. Flat releases resulted in flight that maintained a very stable flight. We could almost say there was a hint of turn, but we can chalk that up to us releasing it with a little bit of anhyzer at times and forcing it over a little bit ourselves. In the end though, the P1x would just hold that line.

When we wanted to drop the wing a bit and give it a little hyzer, the P1x would hold that release angle and produce a nice little sweeping shot. This proved very useful on approach shots where we could trust the P1x to hold the initial line of release before showing a very minimal fade. Once you figured out the right angle, the ability to make some runs right at the basket became very useful. Even on anhyzer shots, you could really trust the P1x to hold and maintain that line. It will hold the turn and then settle down nice and straight due to soft finish.

The fade of the P1x is minimal at best. Discmania gives it a 0 rating for fade and we’d have to agree with that number. If you are seeing a lot of fade out of the P1x, you’re either throwing it with hyzer or giving it a lot of height to drop out of the sky. In the end, it really is quite soft. The amount of precision and control this brings to the P1x is outstanding. Off the tee or an approach shots, you can trust the P1x to be as straight as they come.

Inside the circle, the P1x is another one of those discs where you can aim right at the heart of the chains and let a putt go. The P1x had a little more glide for us than the P1, but provided very similar results when putting. Spin putters should love it due to the very neutral flight. You don’t have to worry about this one fading out on you at all. Even push push or pitch putters will enjoy the shallow feel and neutral flight. Remember, just aim at the chains and let it fly.

Overall, Discmania rates the new P1x at 2, 3, 0, 0. After our tests, we’d agree with those numbers. You get a nice combination of speed and glide to help with the control, along with no signs of any turn and a fade that will just settle down nicely without having too harsh of a finish. While we tested the P1x in their D-Line plastic, they are initially releasing the P1x in their X-Line plastic which reportedly offers a little more fade.

If you’re a fan of beaded putters, there is little to dislike about the new P1x. In fact, even if you aren’t a fan of the bead, it is hard not to like the flight of the P1x. The shallow feel feels great with a fan grip or any modified putting grip you might use. Smaller hands will feel right at home and bigger hands will feel like they are in great control of the P1x.

The addition of a beaded putter to Discmania’s lineup is a welcome sight. We always like seeing choices for the disc golfer. If the P1 was a disc you liked the flight of, but wanted a beaded version then the P1x is it. Being able to transition from one disc to another like that is something you don’t always see. Discmania is listening to it’s customers and producing answers.

P-Line P1x

Discmania P-Line P1x

After the initial release of the P1x in D-Line and X-Line, Discmania has now put out a prototype version of the P1x in the popular P-Line plastic. Discmania sent us a new P-Line P1x to check out and this version brings one feature that was missing from the D-Line: more strength. The P-Line P1x is a little firmer which gives it a little bit of a stronger feel.

This stiffer P1x gave us a little more confidence in the circle and off the tee. We felt like we had stronger throws off the tee since we could dig into the flight plate a little more without much give. We still had an ultra clean release and some dead straight throws. There was plenty of stability at high speeds with maybe just a hint more fade than the D-Line P1x.

Inside the circle, we mentioned previously how it would really appeal to spin putters. The added stiffness of the P-Line P1x helped the push putters in the testing group. The disc didn’t lose any energy as they got a good pop off their fingers with the stiffer plastic.

A few in our testing group quickly put the D-Line P1x in their bag and their only wish to improve the D-Line version was to make it in P-Line. Well, here you go.

The Prototype P-Line P1x is now available in the Discmania Store.


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