Disc Golf World Tour adds wild cards for top three female pros


The organizers of the Disc Golf World Tour announced the first set of wild cards for the La Mirada Open in March. These three reserved spots have been awarded to the top three rated female pros: Catrina Allen (PDGA rating 963), Paige Pierce (PDGA Rating 962), and Valarie Jenkins (PDGA Rating 961). This trio still needs to register, but they have three spots for the inaugural event of the Disc Golf World Tour.

“These three ladies have been proven fierce competitors over and over again on the PDGA tour. While DGWT operates on ‘one division, one champion’ -ideology, we are certain these ladies have a lot to show even against the very best of male competitors out there,” says DGWT main promoter Jussi Meresmaa in a release. “Disc Golf is a sport equally suitable for both genders, yet male players dominate the statistics when it comes to pretty much all areas participance. Just like we need superstars on the male side to attract new audiences towards the sport, we need similar star players on the women’s side to strengthen the player base by attracting new female players of all ages to the sport.” Meresmaa concludes.

The wild card system is a few feature added by the DGWT organizers.These wild card spots reserve a spot in the field for the respective participant.  While they are subject to change by the organizers, the system typically looks like this:

  • 5 Tour organizer wild cards, issued by the DGWT organization.
  • 5 Local Tour event organizer wild cards, issued by the local event organizer.
  • 1 Partner wild card issued by each DGWT major partner. (3 partner wild cards available in December 2016.)


The third phase of registration for the La Mirada Open begins today, December 23 (11 a.m. Eastern Time) ,which allows for anyone rated 940 or higher. This phase runs through January 7 when the final phase begins for those rated 900 or higher.


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