Disc Golf Vault: Will Schusterick Downtown Trick Shots


What’s this? A double feature from the Vault?! With both videos being so similar, and fairly short, it just didn’t feel right to split them into different posts. So get ready, this week we’re doubling up on you!

In video number one, Will positions the basket on top of a large mound. He then proceeds to take shots at the basket from ~70ft, ~150ft, and from atop a walking bridge ~350ft away!

In video number two, Will, and buddy Kevin Rarick, show us around BiCentennial Park in Nashville disc golf style. Moving baskets all over the park coming up with some very creative trick shots/putts.

If watching a top pro make some crazy trick shots all over town has you feeling down on your game, be sure to watch these all the way to the end.

I don’t know about you, but if I ever go to Nashville i’d like to take a that goes something like this!


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