Disc Golf Vault: 2013 Vibram Open/Highest Rated Round Ever


The 2015 Maple Hill Open, formerly known as the Vibram Open, has already begun, and to nobody’s surprise the leader in the MPO field is Paul McBeth. Paul is not stranger to leading tournaments, the Maple Hill Open included. Back in 2013 McBeth was able to capture victory on the Maple Hill Gold course by shooting the, still standing to this day, course record of 45!

The round was officially rated at 1121, and is the 2nd highest rated round of all time. Some argue that this was in fact the greatest round of disc golf ever played. Unfortunately for us, I was unable to find any full round video coverage of it to share. Terry Miller talked with McBeth about the round and at least has some highlights to share.

To make up for the lack of full round coverage, lets watch the only round in history to be rated higher. Paul McBeth’s (who else did you expect?) astonishing 39 at Fountain Hills during the Memorial earlier in 2013.


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