Disc Golf Vault: 2013 Masters Cup


This weekend is one of the most well known, and one of my personal favorite tournaments of the year. The Masters Cup, is played at the world famous DeLaveaga disc golf course. DeLa is one of the most iconic courses in all of disc golf, and for good reason. With a total of 29 holes, and totaling almost 10,000 feet in length, DeLa is an absolute monster of a course.

The video is provided to us by the guys over at Central Coast Disc Golf. With CCDG video, comes CCDG commentary. Ian and Kevin have great on camera, or mic if you will, chemistry. They provide the perfect combination of exceptional course knowledge, and entertainment.

If you have to miss a tournament this year, be sure The Masters Cup is not it. Check this one out, and if youre ever in the Santa Cruz area, you HAVE to play the course. But be careful, you don’t want to get DeLa’d!


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