What are your disc golf resolutions for 2015?


A new year has begun and it is time to set some goals for 2015. As with any resolutions, it is best to set a measurable goal. You can’t say “I want to be a better disc golfer.” You can’t measure that. Take it one step further put a number with it. For example…

  • Shoot a 45 on your favorite local course.
  • Beat your best score by five shots at your hardest course.
  • Raise your PDGA rating by 20 points.
  • Only buy two new discs in the calendar year. Ok, let’s change that one… 20 new discs? 50?
  • Birdie the easiest holes at your favorite course 25 straight rounds.

There are many ideas out there. While they might be hard to measure, it also doesn’t hurt to make a resolution to learn how to throw a roller or learn how to throw backhand or forehand.

Help make yourself a better disc golfer and set some goals for yourself. Sound off in the comments and share what your goals are for 2015!



  1. Consistently throw and control a 350 to 400 foot drive (RHBH). Starting with controlled 250-300ft midrange and fairway drives. The key is consistency for me. The distance will come but I want it to be controlled. Fewer errant drives will lower my scores, I’m convinced of that. .. and maybe putting. ..

  2. Ricky Hanson on

    1. SLOW DOWN. Instead of trying to rush, take more time and consider all the variables.
    2. Correct form and be consistent with it.
    3. Be around 90% inside the putting circle.
    4. Play more tournaments and improve composure in pressure situations
    5. Join a league/club
    6. Get my 2 year old daughter into the sport.

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