Disc golf cake is the sweetest bag you’ll find


Custom cakes have been popular for years now and we’ve seen many disc golf themed cakes, but we’ve never seen anything like this. Finnish bakery Kakuttaako has designed and built a cake designed after the Innova Competition bag.

Disc Golf Cake - Kakuttaako

Photo: Kakuttaako

Through a rough translation, the cake was made for an avid disc golfer who hasn’t had a birthday cake for many years. It looks to be a vanilla cake with some berries. As far as we can tell, the entire thing is edible.

We love the detail on the bag! Look at the straps and the fake texture they were able to make.

Disc Golf Cake - Kakuttaako

Photo: Kakuttaak

Visit Kakuttaako’s website for a few more photos of this edible disc golf treat!