David Wiggins Jr. blows away distance world record, throws over 1,100 feet


Saturday afternoon at the High Desert Distance Challenge, Simon Lizotte became the first in the world to throw a disc golf disc over 900 feet. His world record throw of 903.9 feet (275.5 meters) only stood for two days.

With wind whipping at the distance course outside of Las Vegas, Nevada, David Wiggins Jr, shattered the record with a new world record throw of 1,108.92 feet (338 meters) with a 154 gram Innova Boss.

David Wiggins Jr.

David Wiggins Jr. with his record setting disc. (Photo: Innova Discs)

Innova Discs notes that while he was the first to break the 1,100 foot mark, he wasn’t the only one to break the 1,000 foot threshold. According to Innova, Lizotte broke his own record with a throw of 1030 feet with an Innova Blizzard Boss.

The wind is an obvious factor in this and it was certainly whipping at the time of the record throws. Wiggins posted a video on Facebook from earlier in the day that shows the extreme conditions.


Posted by David Wiggins on Monday, March 28, 2016

Innova says at the time of Wiggins’ throw the wind was between 38-42 mph. It is easy to point a finger at the wind and try and discount the achievement. Even in those conditions, very few, if anyone else, could throw a disc 1,100 feet. Hats off to Wiggins!

Plus, if your Simon Lizotte, you’re the only other person to throw over 1,000 feet, and you can’t call yourself a world record holder. That’s just nuts.

Austin Spradlin sets Under-16 distance record

Austin Spradlin

Austin Spradlin

While two other records were set on Friday in the women’s division, the third longest thrower in disc golf is just 16 years old. Austin Spradlin, who is sponsored by Westside Discs, threw an Latitude 64 Air 958 feet (292.2 meters).

Spradlin posted on Facebook he doesn’t have video of his throw, but he certainly has a story to tell. Congrats, Austin!


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