Dave Dunipace explains Innova’s new GStar plastic


Innova GStar Leopard

Earlier this week, Innova Discs announced a new blend of Star plastic called GStar. GStar has been initially released at the Innova Factory Store with a small run of Leopards. Innova describes the latest blend of Star plastic like this:

GStar is highly grippy and slightly softer than our standard Star material. It allows for grip levels unseen before in our premium plastics. The material yields a unique metallic coloring that shimmers and shines in the sun.

While Innova is looking for feedback on the plastic from disc golfers around the world, we got in touch with Innova Discs co-founder and CEO Dave Dunipace to get more details on GStar and what disc golfers can expect.

All Things Disc Golf: In the last few years, when Innova Discs has made an announcement about new plastic it was all about light weights with Blizzard Champion and Starlite. This time, you’re going after grip in the new G-Star plastic. How long have you been working on G-Star?

Dave Dunipace: This goes back to 2000 with the second run of Valkyries in CE. We have been doing some occasionally, but we didn’t notice any particular demand at the time as we were focusing on the top pros at that time.

All Things Disc Golf: What started the need for a premium plastic with better grip?

Dave Dunipace: There has always been a need.

All Things Disc Golf: In wet conditions, Champion and Star plastics tend to lose grip. Will G-Star hold up in the rain?

Dave Dunipace: I think it will have to be dried the same as Champion or Star.

All Things Disc Golf: What are the flight characteristics? More/less stable than Champion and Star?

Dave Dunipace: About the same so far. The Leopards seem a little more stable than usual high speed. The original Valks were a little more stable too, but I don’t know about other models yet.

All Things Disc Golf: How does G-Star beat in compared to your other plastics?

Dave Dunipace: It wears about the same as Champion

All Things Disc Golf: Is the appearance of G-Star translucent like Champion or opaque like Star?

Dave Dunipace: Opaque, for the most part.

All Things Disc Golf: Let’s talk weights. How light are you able to get discs in the G-Star plastic?

Dave Dunipace: Fairly low, but not 150 class. We are able to make the GStar Leopards in high 150s.

All Things Disc Golf: You initially planned a release of G-Star Leopards on the Factory Store but the popularity caused the site to crash. When could we expect to see the Leopards back up for sale? What other molds are planned for the initial release?

Dave Dunipace: The GStar Leopards should be up for sale today. The next trial runs will be TeeBirds, TLs, FDs. Others are planned but will be later on. We are planning a slow roll out starting in the Factory Store, then migrating to regular channels if the demand warrants.

All Things Disc Golf: When do you hope to have G-Star discs in full production?

Dave Dunipace: It depends on how well they are received initially. If all goes well, we should have some sort of line by Spring.

A big thank you to Dunipace and Innova for the quick interview and the insight. As Dunipace stated, GStar Leopards are in the Factory Store while supplies last. We were able to pick one up ourselves and will provide a review of the plastic after we had a chance to throw it.

If you also ordered some GStar Leopards, leave your feedback in the comments!



  1. That article makes it sound like these have nothing to offer over their other plastics. Still needs to be dried the same, beats in the same, pretty much the same stability….what’s the point? And I’m a guy who will buy and try almost anything.

    • I guess on a non-rainy, warm, sunny day it’s just grippier than the other plastic options. Sarcasm aside, I agree that it really doesn’t seem to be too terribly innovative.

  2. Decius W Tasby on

    Considering my entire bag is innova I wondered if this was going to be similar to what discraft did via FLX plastic or a response to Lat64/DD gold line-ish. If it’s not any more grippy in wet conditions then it’s nothing new. I don’t need more “grippy” when it’s sunny and dry. Guess we will see how it pans out

  3. Colin Shiels on

    Got a GStar Destroyer for Father’s day. Took it out for a round today, found it to be significantly less stable than the normal star plastic. Very disappointed, and am going back to regular star plastic (which I do really like).

  4. Rum Grey on

    I recently purchased a GStar Tern which weighs 162g, and I am very happy with the purchase as it performed in accordance with it’s flight ratings. The GStar plastic is softer and does provide a better grip. I had stopped buying Star plastic because my last few purchases had all been far more stable than one would expect given their flight ratings. I throw rhbh and a great drive for me is about 400′. My preferred high speed drivers are lighter in weight, 156 to 162g. The GStar Tern gives me this distance with a nice predictable S turn. Perhaps, the GStar plastic is just more unstable than regular Star, and is better recommended to newer and less powerful players.

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