Custom stamped Dynamic Discs Judges and Justices now available


It has been long overdue, but we finally have custom stamped discs to recognize the Disc of the Year winners as part of the Thrower’s Choice Awards. Today, we have released a very limited stock of custom stamped Classic Judges and Lucid Justices from Dynamic Discs.

The Judge won the award in 2013 and the Justice won this past year in 2015. Only 50 of each mold have been stamped! Both discs can be found at the ATDG Store. Orders will ship quickly. Depending on time of your purchase, we hope to have them mailed out the next day or within two days at the max.

Along with the limited stamps at the ATDG Store, Dynamic Discs is also selling another custom stamped Judge and Justice with the Disc of the Year recognition. Don’t miss those to have the full collection!

For those wondering, yes, we plan on having custom stamped Innova Thunderbirds (2014 Disc of the Year) up soon!


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