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Putters Innova Nova

The second disc from Innova Discs with their overmold technology. The Nova is a very controllable, straight flying putter.

Putters Discmania P3

Earlier this summer Discmania released the third putter in their lineup. The Discmania P3 is a very stable putter that fits somewhere between a long putter and short midrange.

Putters Dynamic Discs Judge

When Dynamic Discs first announced their line of discs, many were curious to see what their first putter would be like. The Dynamic Discs Judge…

Putters ProdigyPA4_main

As Prodigy Disc continues to fill out their entire lineup of discs, Prodigy recently released their second putter: the Prodigy Disc PA4. While it’s PA1…

Putters Prodigy PA1

Finding the perfect putter can be a long process for some disc golfers. Everyone is searching for the putter that they can feel confident in…