Axiom Discs Virus Review


Axiom Discs has finally completed their lineup of 20 mm drivers with the new Virus. The Axiom Discs Virus is on the neutral to understable side with a very controllable flight. It brings a little turn, but also has a stronger than expected fade which helped it achieve some very tight s-curves with easy placement on the fairway.

Axiom Discs has this to say about their understable driver:

The Virus is Axiom’s easiest to throw distance driver, with a glide and responsive understability that keeps it in the air. Power throwers will be able to flex huge turnover shots with straight forward fade. Average throwers will be able to extend and shape lines using the Virus’ turn and gentle fade. Compared to the MVP lineup, the Virus resembles a worn-in Impulse.

Axiom Discs sent us a Neutron Virus for this review and we were a little surprised by just how stable it was. We were initially thinking it would have a great amount of turn with just a little fade, but in the end, they really balance each other out and it is a much straighter disc than first thought.

The Virus has a pretty rounded shoulder on the top flight plate to go along with a pretty concave bottom wing. The disc actually feels smaller than it really is. It is easy to grab a hold of the Virus and put a power grip on it. It shouldn’t intimidate anyone. You’ll quickly find what is comfortable and can stick with it.

It didn’t take long to see that the Virus was one of those discs that will always have a little bit of turn and a little bit of fade. It will never be too dramatic in either direction, but it will always have some energy at each end of the flight.

When thrown for max distance, the Virus will kick into a steady turn for most of the flight. It isn’t the most understable driver available, but we were always able to get it to move right of center. You can easily control it with the hyzer angle of the disc on release. You can easily get it it to flip up flat on a hyzer flip or you could add a little turn to it with a little anhyzer on release.

The most surprising thing though was the fade. At first, the flight will tend to seem like it will hold that initial turn and just ride out on that path. We always saw the fade kick into gear late in the flight and it did so with a little added power. At times we see discs like this just break out of the turn and then settle back down with a soft finish. The Wave though would add a little extra to the end of the flight. It was a late punch, but it was noticeable. We found ourselves on a few occasions waiting for the fade to arrive and just when we thought it wasn’t going to happen, it would show up and slam the disc back to the left.

This proved useful on a few holes were we actually gave it a little added turn with a slight anhyzer release. It would glide out on that line for most of the flight, but at the very end it would almost put the brakes on and show a small fade.

On shots where you need it to finish a little further left, all you’ll need to do is control the turn with some hyzer and the fade will take care of the rest.

The Virus as the same amount of glide that most of the other Axiom Discs or MVP Disc Sports options in this speed range have. It is enough to help it get down the fairway, but these aren’t glide monsters either. They don’t need to be though. The Virus it the type of disc that likes a little power and speed and can just ride it out.

Overall, we’d rate the Axiom Discs Virus at 10, 4, -2.5, 2. The end result is a pretty straight flight with plenty of energy in it. The turn will be there, but so will the fade. The fade is the part that was unexpected for us. It is stronger than you’d initially think, but you’ll soon find that it is a welcome feature that you can trust at the end of the flight.

The Axiom Discs Virus is a fun distance driver. It isn’t going to be the longest disc in your bag and it likely won’t be the most dramatic in flight either. What it will be though is one you can reach for on many holes. By controlling the release angle, you can really shape the flight yourself. It will naturally want to turn and come back with a late fade, but you have a say in exactly what it does. More hyzer will produce a flight that will finish to the left of center while a little anhyzer might give you a better turnover shot.

Having a disc in your bag that is versatile and can really prove useful. The flight itself won’t turn heads, but the end results will have others wondering what that disc was in the end.



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