2015 USDGC Performance Flight: Spring cuts into Meintsma’s lead


During the Performance Flight’s Round 2 on Thursday, Jeffrey Spring beat his projected 78 by 15 strokes and is now beating his projected by a total of 19 strokes, trailing flight leader Noah Meintsma by only two strokes. Meintsma again beat his projected 76, this time by five strokes, and is besting his projection by a total of 21 strokes.

Others near the top of the Performance Flight are: Ezra Robinson (-16), Edward Schenkenfelder (-14), and Holly Finley (-13).

Anthony Siefker

Anthony Siefker (Photo: USDGC, Chad ‘Corduroy’ Lefevre)

Anthony Siefker (-12) was in second place after the first round, but didn’t have the round he wanted on Thursday. He shot an 82, beating his projection by one.

“All in all I didn’t have a bad day, I just caught some rough breaks,” said Siefker.

Though he said, “it did make me respect the course more.”

Siefker will set out Friday with the same game plan that worked for him on Wednesday, with the hopes that the breaks he sees are mostly good.

Editors note: Story posted in partnership with the USDGC.


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