2015 Thrower’s Choice Awards: The Prelims


It is that time of year again! It’s time for your voice to be heard. The 2015 All Things Disc Golf Thrower’s Choice Awards are here!

Last year we saw nearly 8,000 votes from 35 countries in the 2014 Thrower’s Choice Awards. Four awards were handed out with the Innova Thunderbird taking Disc of the Year honors. Paul McBeth was named Male Pro of the Year with Catrina Allen taking home the Female Pro of the Year award. Finally, it was McBeth’s third straight World Championship that was voted Moment of the Year in 2014.

For 2015, those results don’t mean a thing. The slates are wiped clean and a new round of voting begins. Voting for the Pros of the Year and Moment of the Year will begin with the finals. First, we need to narrow down the finalists for Disc of the Year.

From now until 11:59 Central Time on Saturday, December 12, you are voting in the prelims. The finals will open Monday, December 14 and run through Saturday, December 19. The winners will be announced on Monday, December 21.


Discs must be PDGA approved between 12/01/2014 and 11/30/2015. Discs must also be in a full production run and available for purchase in at least one location (internet only stores are ok). Discs approved in December 2015 will be eligible next year.


You can vote for three discs in the prelims. You may vote once per day. The nine top vote getters (and ties) will advance to the “Final Nine” next week.

Why aren’t certain discs up for the award?

We’ve always hated drawing a line in the sand for which discs are up for the award, but we’ve been consistent every year with how we decide the rules. Since the Innova Leopard3 is technically just a new top and didn’t need to go through PDGA approval, we don’t consider that to be a new disc for this award.

Other discs like the Innova Mystere, Legacy Discs Enemy, Innova Commander, and others aren’t in a full production run yet. They will be up for the award in 2016.


The Innova Thunderbird and Dynamic Discs Judge are the two discs previously named Disc of the Year. Which disc will join that pair? We’ll have to wait and find out!

Vote for up to three discs in the prelims and be sure to return each day to vote again. We’ll show the current standings for the prelims, but the finals will be hidden until everything is over. We don’t vote. You do. This is an award voted on by disc golfers.

If the poll doesn’t show above, follow this link to vote.


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