2014 Thrower’s Choice Awards: The Finals


Last week, over 7,000 votes were cast in the prelims of the 2014 Thrower’s Choice Awards. You helped narrow down the nominees for Disc of the Year to the Final 9. Disc of the Year is only one of four total awards you get to vote on in this year’s Thrower’s Choice Awards.

Joining this year’s awards are Men’s Pro of the Year, Women’s Pro of the Year, and Moment of the Year. For Men’s and Women’s Pro of the Year, we have populated the fields with the top 25 men and top 15 women in the 2014 PDGA National Tour standings. We have also included a blank entry for you to fill in any name you wish. They must be a PDGA pro who has played in at least one A-Tier/National Tour/Major tournament this year.

Moment of the Year starts with twelve nominees selected by the editors of ATDG. These were the moments that helped define the 2014 disc golf season. From the Memorial to the USDGC and everywhere in between, there were some very memorable events. You get to decide which one deserves the title of Moment of the Year for 2014.


Spread the word and help select winners in each category for the 2014 Thrower’s Choice Awards! You can vote for one in each category in the finals. You may vote once per day. Voting ends at 11:59 p.m. Central Time on Saturday, December 20. We will keep the results hidden until they are released on Monday, December 22. We are also keeping an eye on IP addresses to ensure fairness in the voting. Disc of the Year and Moment of the Year are listed randomly. Men’s and Women’s Pro of the Year are listed alphabetically by last name.

We don’t vote. You do. This is an award voted on by disc golfers.

You throw. You decide.

2014 Thrower's Choice Awards

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  1. William Pool on

    This was an incredible year for disc golf all around! Great new discs and absolute amazing play from the pros! Can’t was it to see what’s in store for 2015.

  2. sean "fly'n hawaiian" garner on

    This is great for our sport. Lots of memorable moments this year. Players are getting better EVERYWHERE! WAY TO GROW THE SPORT!!

  3. nicely done and well organized. Great moments in disc golf this year.
    The nerdiest thing about it is that I remember watching each one of these.

    • Gary Burdick on

      Hey Greg, I have been playing for 42 years, and still love the game of disc golf

  4. Jukka Toikka on

    Discgolf is a very good hobby for almost 63 years old man. It don’t feel like old at all.

    Greetings from Finland.

  5. Rusty channon on

    hats off to all in these polls, however, being as old as johnE and understanding what it takes physically to “just get through” a round let alone win at the level he does is incredible!!!

    • “as old as”, johne is not even 44 yrs. old.. If you struggle to – to just get through, you might want to reevaluate your health and lifestyle choices

  6. 3D Dunavin on

    I think there should be a vote for best video as well. Discgolfplanettv would be my choice with runner up as Central Coast Disc Golf. In the wind again 3D

    • Totally agree, except is put CCDG on top because of the commentary. Way more entertaining, even if I have to wait a couple of weeks after the tourney to view. At least there’s way less”filler”commentary that way. Maybe two categories, live and youtube.

  7. Gary Taylor on

    Prodigy making its way to the top. Discs & Merch just keeps on coming. Baskets & Backpacks on its way.

  8. Brandon Jaehne on

    I’ve been playing disc golf for about 10 years. This year is my first year playing with primarily Trilogy Discs. Go Trilogy! So. Much . Glide!

  9. Claymore ftw. Like a bullet just striaght
    And if you have the arm for
    It you can par any course.

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