All Things Disc Golf 2013 Thrower’s Choice Awards: The Prelims


Thrower's Choice Awards 2013 - Prelims

Every few weeks we are graced with the announcement of a new disc golf disc from one of many companies. Some are high speed distance drivers, some are more accurate putters with fairway drivers and midranges mixed in. You try out some and they stick in the bag for years. Other discs aren’t so lucky and might be collecting dust in the back room.

While we give reviews of many discs that are released throughout the year, we aren’t in a position ourselves to name the best disc of the year. This is why we’re wanting to hear from you. Introducing the inaugural All Things Disc Golf Thrower’s Choice Awards.

Eligibility: Discs must be PDGA approved between 12/01/2012 and 11/30/2013. Discs must also be in a full production run and available for purchase in at least one location (internet only stores are ok). Discs approved in December 2013 will be eligible next year.

Prelims: Companies that have more than one qualifying disc will go through the preliminary round. Disc golfers will first decide the best of each company. The best of each company, and the discs from companies that only have one qualifying disc will go head-to-head for Disc of the Year.

Prelims will run until Saturday, December 14, 2013 at noon Central Time. Finals will start Monday, December 16 and run through Sunday, December 22, 2013 at noon Central Time. The winner will be announced Monday, December 23. You may vote in each category once a day. For the finals, you will be able to also vote once a day, but for only one disc per day.

Why aren’t certain discs up for the award?: There are a handful of discs that came close to making the requirements for Disc of the Year. We understand we weren’t going to make everyone happy and we had to draw the line somewhere.

The Innova Roc3, Shark3, and Mako3 aren’t up for the award. All three are still considered the same disc that was PDGA approved the first time. The Foxbat, while a CFR disc, is not in full production right now.

The Discraft Mantis (2013 Ace Race Disc) was approved on 12/1/2013 and isn’t in full production. It will be available for the award next year.

The Legacy Mongoose and Gauge along with the Westside Harp, Hatchet, and Sorcerer are all PDGA approved, but cannot be found in stores as of 12/1/2013.

Even though not every disc from Prodigy has a “production” stamp on them, you can freely find any of the molds currently for sale. They are all eligible for the award.

Discs going straight to the finals: DGA Breaker, Discraft Crank, Legacy Bandit, Millennium Omega SuperSoft Putter Big Bead, Prodiscus Laseri, Salient-Discs Prometheus, UB Disc Golf Procul, Westside World, Yikun Disc Sports Yao.

Let your voice be heard!

Vote early and vote often! The results will be shown publicly for the prelims, but will remain private for the finals.



  1. Darren Evans on

    I have to honest and say I have never thrown a single disc on this list. Wow I must have some old crap in my bag.

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