All Things Disc Golf 2013 Thrower’s Choice Awards: Disc of the Year


All Things Disc Golf 2013 Thrower's Choice Awards: Disc of the Year

After a week of voting, the readers have decided which discs are up for the title of Disc of the Year in 2013 Thrower’s Choice Awards. Some companies had only one discs that met the initial requirements were moved straight to the finals. Only 18 discs remain and only one will be called Disc of the Year.

Finals will run until Saturday, December 21, 2013 at noon Central Time. For the finals, you will be able to vote once a day. All results will be released when the voting is complete.

You throw. You decide.


Eligibility: Discs must be PDGA approved between 12/01/2012 and 11/30/2013. Discs must also be in a full production run and available for purchase in at least one location (internet only stores are ok). Discs approved in December 2013 will be eligible next year.

Why aren’t certain discs up for the award?: There are a handful of discs that came close to making the requirements for Disc of the Year. We understand we weren’t going to make everyone happy and we had to draw the line somewhere.

The Innova Roc3, Shark3, and Mako3 aren’t up for the award. All three are still considered the same disc that was PDGA approved the first time. The Foxbat, while a CFR disc, is not in full production right now.

The Discraft Mantis (2013 Ace Race Disc) was approved on 12/1/2013 and isn’t in full production. It will be available for the award next year.

The Legacy Mongoose and Gauge along with the Westside Harp, Hatchet, and Sorcerer are all PDGA approved, but cannot be found in stores as of 12/1/2013.

Even though not every disc from Prodigy has a “production” stamp on them, you can freely find any of the molds currently for sale. They are all eligible for the award.



  1. Dion Arlyn on

    DGA Breaker fills that perfect niche between my putter and mid range hyzer shots. Great stability and love the premium plastic. For those in the know, its a re-tooled Ringer in stiff, durable plastic and that is exactly what I want!

  2. Jamie James Willett on

    Was surprised that the Dynamic Discs Truth wasn’t on the list. That Disc is amazing & a complete game changer.

    • All Things Disc Golf on

      Hi Eric and everyone else –
      These finalists were chosen by disc golfers as well. These were the first place discs for each company that was included. Other companies only had one disc so that went straight to the finals. You can see the results here:

      This is the first year we’ve tried this and might make some tweaks to the format for next year. We went back and forth on what could be the best way to do the award. Any feedback or ideas you have are welcome! We always appreciate the feedback and are open to changing.

      You can always use the contact form on the site (linked on the menu bar) to get in touch with us. We’re all ears.

      As of Noon on Tuesday, with already over 1,200 votes cast, the top three are only separated by 12 votes. Vote early, vote often!

      • jason mauldin on

        i would love to do a write in vote because i wasnt aware of the prelims and would love to vote for the Truth and i am sure there are many other Truth throwers out there who feel the same way

  3. Joel Guerrero on

    The innova tern is my go to distance disc. Its got glide for days. It easily added 40 to 60 feet to my drives. Very consistent flight path. It’ll handle all the torque and even in a headwind. Just a great disc love it.

  4. Aaron Cox on

    Had to go with the Prometheus from Salient. I heard the first mould had some issues, but they fixed it before they went mass- release. LOVE the Liquid plastic- feels similar to blizzard, but stands WAY more torque- and the disc took my average drives from 350′ ( Crank, Nuke FLX and Echo Star Boss)  to 400’+ instantly! It also performs really well in the wind ( head, tail, or cross) . Can’t wait to try their mid range Antidote too. I own many of the discs on this list, but none have changed my game as significantly – yet…

  5. Harold Berciunas on

    Read about the prelim voting. Only one disc per manufacturer made the final cut for this election.

  6. I don’t think that a company should just get into the finals because they made a disc… Every slot should be competed for … If one company made all the best disc then so be it… There is no reason that some of the disc listed should be there and the Truth not be because they made two great disc and other company’s made something to throw…

  7. Legacy rules. The Bandit should win this hands down. I like the flight and feel of the Icon Bandit.

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