2012 PDGA World Championships Recap


It was a very busy week in Charlotte, North Carolina for the 2012 PDGA World Championships. After thousands of disc golfers took to the courses, only 15 took home the title of World Champion. 

In the Men’s Pro Open division, the title went to Paul McBeth. It appeared McBeth’s strongest golf came at the end of the week. When the pressure was on he hung in there in round six, tore it up in the semifinals and took home the title with a five stroke advantage. We were fortunate enough to talk to McBeth a few weeks ago. Check out that interview here. This is McBeth’s first world championship.

The Women’s Pro Open division saw a great battle between Sarah Hokom and Valerie Jenkins. Hokom held a strong lead through most of the week. Jenkins slowly chipped away at the lead until the finals. It wasn’t until a putt on the final hole to clinch the world title for Hokom. Check out the putt in the video below. This is also Hokom’s first world title.

In the Masters division, Ken Climo won his 13th world championship by defeating Barry Schultz by nine strokes. Climo became the first two win world titles in the Men’s Pro Open and Masters divisions. 

On the Amateur side of things the Men’s Advanced World Title went to Spencer Wilken. Wilken had to battle his way to the title. Wilken trailed going into the semifinals but quickly made up ground in the semifinals (shooting a 46) before shooting a 27 in the finals (four strokes better than the rest of the card) to win his first World Championship. 

Michelle Frazer won the Women’s Advanced World Championship by 10 strokes. Frazer finished in second place last year in the World Championships. 

Other champions include:

  • Masters Women: Susan Stephens
  • Grandmasters: Johnny Sias
  • Grandmasters Women: Anni Kreml
  • Senior Grandmasters: Rick Voakes
  • Legends: Pete May
  • Senior Legends: Senior Legends
  • Advanced Masters: Craig PP Wesnofske
  • Advanced Masters Women: Michelle Horn
  • Advanced Grandmasters: James Elkins
  • Advanced Grandmasters Women: Carla Dee Proffitt
  • Advanced Seniors Grandmasters: Jim Banbury
  • Advanced Legends: Bill Charron Sr
  • Junior <= 19 Boys: Adam Morrison
  • Junior <= 16 Boys: Justin Lammers
  • Junior <= 16 Girls: Vivian Dillen
  • Junior <= 13 Boys: Devyon Baldwin
  • Junior <= 13 Girls: Alex Lambert
  • Junior <= 10 Boys: Forest Deason
  • Junior <= 10 Girls: Desiree Duran

Congrats to all the world champions. We’ll have more coverage on this in the coming weeks. 

Check out this great video by Dynamic Discs to wrap up the 2012 PDGA World Championships!

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